The treatments presented in this section are based on a compilation of our research done on the internet, dialogue with urologists and cancer victims, and other sources.

Your urologist has probably summarized the treatment options available. The information presented on this page should be discussed in detail with your urologist. Then, you must decide what is the best treatment for your particular situation including PSA level, Gleason Scores, age, and other factors.

Remember, the treatment decision you make may mean you have "burned the bridge". For example, if you elect surgery, then Seed Implantation is no longer an option.

I spent two weeks in this phase of my deliberation before I decided on the type of treatment and where it was to be performed. My decision was based on my own calculation of risks and benefits for each type of treatment. It was also based on the types of treatment and surgical expertise available within a reasonable distance from my home.

This deliberation is necessary and critical to your treatment and chances of survival. So, take your time (for most of us, one or two weeks is OK) and make a decision that you are comfortable with.

BEWARE: There are few if any areas of complete agreement within the medical community about the appropriate treatment of any particular stage of prostate cancer. For this reason, you are strongly advised to seek as much advice and knowledge as you can obtain prior to making decisions about your treatment.

Best of luck in your fight!!