About Us

When I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, my urologist told me to gather and digest as much information about the disease as I could before returning for my next appointment in two weeks. I needed to decide on my treatment of choice during those two weeks.

My two main sources of information were the internet and discussions with other men who had already gone through treatment.

My family and I spent hours doing research on the internet. Tracking down other men willing to share their experiences was more complicated. Only after a series of phone calls back and forth through my family doctor and other urologists was I able to contact other men who were willing to talk with me about their experience.

Therefore, I have created this web site to:

  1. Present a synopsis of the types of available treatments and suggested links to sites defining those treatments in more detail
  2. Provide a setting in which men who are Prostate Cancer survivors can be easily contacted by others recently diagnosed

Best of luck in your search for information about this silent and cruel disease.

If you have suggestions on how I might improve these pages, then I look forward to your input and constructive criticism.

Don Kirche
Web Site Developer and Webmaster